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E-Commerce Business Ideas 

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Many people are coming towards the online business in 2020. Online business companies are low cost and easy to operate even from home, which is attracting more and more people. Online businesses do not require a large workforce and cut down on your bills.  

To know what products are most in demand and popular, I sourced the internet. I researched which businesses are the most profitable and will be in the long run for the next couple of years. 

So to my conclusion, below, I have given the top 5 profitable e-commerce business ideas that will make your investment worthwhile. 

The 5 most profitable e-commerce businesses have been 

Health and beauty products

Over the years, people have become quite conscious of their diet and want to stay fit. However, they don’t get time to cook their meals regularly, so they approach the internet to find reliable places from where they can order their diet meals. 

An online platform that helps them execute their diet plan is what the fitness freaks want. So here is an excellent opportunity to display your skills and convince the customer for your products. 

Smart gadgets 


Another profitable e-commerce business is of smartwatches. This business has great potential as the sales for this in 2020 are expected to reach up to $53.2 billion worldwide. 

The demand for smartwatches has begun as people want more than simple watches. They want something that reminds them about their daily schedule within a glance and is easy to carry. 

Smart home products

Smart home products, such as the smart alarm, is another potentially profitable product that can have a potential turnover. This alarm triggers when the temperature rises above the set point.

Video doorbells are yet another smart products that work as great security devices. They are connected to the smartphone or electronic device of the homeowner. Motion sensors in the doorbell detect the person and the owner. The owner can see whoever is at the door via camera. 

 It’s not a very common product in the online market, so if you start a business of the smart alarm and video doorbells, you might be successful in reaching your target profits. 

Baby rompers and toys

Cloths for infants have large search volumes all through the year. In the clothes niche, baby rompers are most popular, along with soft baby napkins and other minor baby accessories. It’s a profitable e-commerce business idea provided quality products are being served. This will also help you gain long term clients. 

Kids enjoy playing with action figures, dolls, and dollhouses. There is still a significant market in this e-commerce business, and your business can gain popularity soon. But do search for popular toys. 

Online educational courses 

Although many online education platforms are available, you can still try and succeed in this e-commerce business. There are numerous courses, language subjects, and vocations that a single platform cannot provide. 

So you can create courses with the help of experts and sell them online. 

This is a profitable e-commerce business as you can see yourself the increasing influx of students trying to access leading educational resources. 

Digital marketing and content writing 

Skills related to SOE, promotion of products, and brands online through advertisements come in the domain of digital marketing. Digital marketing experts are in high demand to promote websites. It is an uprising, profitable e-commerce business. 

With this content writing is also a forever demanding, quite valuable service that will always be growing and needed. If you are a good content writer, you can sell your services online. 

Moreover, you can create websites and sell them online, which is also a fantastic e-commerce business idea.

Wrapping up!

With the ease in e-commerce business you have to be vigilant and know what is most demanded in the online market so that your business doesn’t go in loss. 

It’s easy to multi-task businesses online, and also it’s more beneficial to do at least 2 small scale businesses at a time. You will have 2 income sources and not just one to reply on, so if one business goes in loss, you will have a back-up business. Remember, never keep all your eggs in one basket! 

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