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An Inside look Into SEO and Core Services

Businesses these days are moving towards an online platform, to grab the attention of their targeted customers. It is not an easy task to divert the attention of customers towards your newly initiated business.

“SEO is like a resume. You polish it, so you have your best foot forward”.

Usually, the small business chooses different techniques to build up its brand image and rank 1st as per the ranking and observation of Google. Google goes through your uploaded information on your e-commerce website, and rates it based on your optimized content quality.

Do people search before availing any service from an e-commerce website?

As per research, 70% to 80% of individuals search for their desired company online, before ordering anything to see how Google has rated it. Google ranking and rated plays a vital role in building your brand image.

This whole scenario leads to the main topic of the discussion for today that is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and its related services along with pricing for building your brand’s image.

In this article, we will consider different strategies under the spectrum of SEO, like:

  1. Search engine optimization pricing 
  2. Search engines optimization packages for small businesses
  3. Competitor Backlink analysis
  4. SEO Content Writing Services 
  5. Affordable SEO services for small businesses

But before jumping to the main topics, let’s first discuss,

What SEO is, so all the newcomers who have the least knowledge about the term can have an overview about the related services especially for small businesses that are shifting from small business to a wider one with better customer reach?

“Google only loves your content when everyone loves it too!”

Search Engine Optimization is a process, stuffed with keywords, mostly related to the desired business to make the content optimal, and useful.

This whole process helped the business to make their content and uploaded information valuable, and increased the visibility of the website, fulfilling the standards of Google Ranking.

SEO assists in improving the quality of content, generating traffic, making the website grow potentially.

How does a small business suffer due to lack of SEO services?

Small businesses, usual startups, are looking for ways to build their brand’s image and get traffic on their website. There are tremendous plans for affordable SEO services assisting small businesses, getting leads and traffic on towards their products and intended services.

Now let’s discuss each of the listed categories in details and explain them with the desired terminologies,

  • On-page SEO

On-page SEO helps in optimizing the URLs, keywords stuffing helps in easy search, formats your information, add images and tags in the URLs of the website.

  • Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO helps in building the link, choosing any one social platform to use as a marketing platform, outreaching customers, reaching our influencers for better reach, and conducting community outreaches for better understanding of the business.

  • Local and eCommerce SEO

Local SEO makes it easy for customers to interact, and add structured locations to the website URLs, by inserting keywords in my business description, auditing the website for free safety and accessibility.

Moreover, for eCommerce, its architecture is highly usable for running the website, creating content which matches the audience needs.

  • Technical and Video SEO

For technical SEO, it ensures website navigation, structured data, canonical URLs checking, and builds up 404 pages. Adding SSL certificates, tags and description to the videos and customizing the YouTube channel following SEO.

SEO Content Writing Services 

Content Management is another important feature when you talk about website management. If SEO links with the website content, then it automatically becomes authentic, and SEO optimized taking the rank from last to the higher ones.

  • High-quality content drives SEO.

If your content has keywords, then it will automatically become SEO friendly because if you use casual words that people use while searching in the related field of your business will automatically add value, and upgrade your content quality.

  • Content Marketing Techniques and SEO

The initial value of content is increased, once it becomes SEO friendly having keywords, Meta title, and Meta description in them.

Competitor Backlink analysis

Then we have Competitor Backlink Analysis which assists in digitizing your websites, with access to the competitor way of elaborating their services in the market. Once you analyse the competitor website, you will get an idea of what they are doing and how they are doing to create an extensive guideline through which you can strongly compete with your competitors.

Using the core SEO techniques will help you in competition with your competitors in a way that plays a vital role in appearing first or second on Google’s Ranking Criteria.

These are some of the ways you can spy the competitor’s backlink website strategies and can work accordingly:

  • First, catch the backlinks
  • Use Backlinks checkers
  • Analyze-it
  • Develop a spreadsheet with all the observations you observed in the content
  • Replicate those backlinks

You just have to pay a little attention and research to search your competitor website and the backlink strategies they are observing, and once you do it, you can easily change it accordingly.

Search engine optimization pricing 

Although there is no definite range for the SEO content and Services pricing, it’s like the more you spend on the services, the more valuable your website will become.

If we talk about the recent times, currently in 2020 the cost of SEO services is $750 to $2,000 a month, and based on this scope of the project; how vast it is, and what services the clients want in their plans because the packages vary as per demands.

For a small business, the costing remains the same, but it depends entirely on the customer’s requirements and the website length and services types. On average, it might range from $5,000-$30,000, and on an hourly basis, the rates for consultations might be between $80-$200/hour.


In a nutshell, SEO makes your website valuable and rank First in the eyes of Google, and this is only possible if it fits with all the SEO keywords. Most of the SEO management companies which are SEO service providers know how to deal with customers and their queries regarding monthly SEO packages, with the correct consultations. Now almost all of the businesses are adopting SEO in their business plans due to massive growth SEO optimization techniques. This article will surely enhance the SEO knowledge and its core services with an introduction to off-page and on-page SEO services which is trending nowadays.

Make sure you read the whole article concisely, with all the bullets points stuffed in the mind because a single misplacement of knowledge might change our entire response towards SEO and its services.

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