Grow Your Business Using Instagram Account With This 2 minute Hack

Grow Your Business Using Instagram Account With This 2 minute Hack

If you are not on Instagram, then, you should be! Why? Because it is probably the best and easiest way to lucratively grow your business online!

Previously, people used Instagram just to post pictures, but in the recent past, Instagram is being widely used to grow businesses. If you are looking for an organic reach, it is very much possible and can be massive for you!

You can not only insert your personality into the business but also build a target audience, engage more creatively with your customers, and Instagram is one unique platform to express all your business ideas.

This is going to be really time-consuming… Is that what you are thinking? Not really with these 2-minute hacks which will help in Instagram growth for your business!

Instagram Growth Services

One of the major obstacles businesses fall to is that Instagram does not have audience growth ads like other platforms, making acquiring the targeting followers difficult. Every brand needs followers for it to be known and, of course, to get customers.

Kicksta claims organic Instagram growth, so you have real followers, and you can turn those new connections into more sales, potent partnerships, and gigs!

Once you sign up on Kicksta, it will ask you for targets, including user names, hashtags, and locations that are already on Instagram, and you want them to follow your brand.

Kicksta will like some of these people’s posts, which you are targeting, like a “tap on the shoulder.” These people will eventually and usually, look up your business profile (the one from which Kicksta liked theirs on your behalf)

This is an automated process, but since the person’s account on which the photo was liked will follow you, hence an organic service claimed! However, it does not guarantee a certain number of followers you will gain.

The plus point is that these followers are not fake; instead, these are followers who actually like your work, and that’s why they chose to follow you.

Through Kicksta, you can keep track of your progress, and it already targets and filters the audience for you, so it makes sure your business is reaching the right audience.

All it takes is two minutes to sign up and then you just sit back enjoy watching your followers grow gradually!

Other social media growth services like Buzzoid, ViralRace, and Hyperplanner are also considered as the best social media growth services.


Be clear about your services, products, and your business

Customers love it when they get your message clear and upfront. Don’t beat about the bush! Show them what they want to see. Scoop out what your competition is posting. Engagement is king! If you can engage your audience by posts and stories, you have half the work done for you!

Once you start posting things that might interest people in your brand; out of the ordinary, that’s where Instagram followers organic growth spikes.


Hashtags are a powerful tool for creating awareness about your brand. Every time you post something regarding a happening or product promotion, you need to start with the hashtags once you have captioned the picture.

You can also add hashtags to the comment section once you have posted the picture with a caption.

Don’t know what hashtags to put in? You will have to spare some time to research and popular hashtags in your niche. Compile all these together and save it in the notes section on your phone. Every time you need to post a picture, make sure you are putting in all the hashtags as well!

You can use geotags to boost local discovery and tag the venue or location of your post photos. This is the best approach for local businesses.

Using hashtags lets viewers easily reach their area of interest and find ideas and topics they are most interested in!

Promote your account

Always try to align your content with the trending topics and hashtags. It can be #nationalcoffeeday, #blacklivesmatter, or a #nationalholiday. Mark relevant events in your calendar, so once the day arrives, you have already prepared quality content for it.  

Join comment section conversations in a meaningful way, grab the reader’s attention, and talk in a way that engages your target audience.


Instagram Bot Growth

If you haven’t come across the term Instagram bots as yet, let me tell you that it can really help you grow your business! Instagram Bot works by speeding up your account’s daily management, increasing clicks to your website, profile and visits, and followers as well.

In short, IG bots automate your account activity by liking posts on Instagram feeds, which is purely based on your target audience and the guidelines you provide to the bot.

Your business account will appear more often on the feed, and this, in turn, will increase the account’s visibility! It enables people to visit your profile and search more about your content. Most people end up following your account, hence you are organically gaining followers!

So which Instagram Bots should you consider?

  • Instazoo
  • Ingrammar
  • Instagram Bot Follower
  • Start With IGTV

Gone are the days when Instagram was all about posting a vibrant picture. It’s the era of reels! It is no secret that Instagram is focusing on leveling-up its video game more than ever, so might as well take a shot at it?

Prioritizing video content creation promotes Instagram engagement growth. Live streams and IGTV are often push notifications on phones, and there is a 90 percent chance that these videos will be played on Instagram discover page.

Instagram stories are also a great source of engaging followers, but unlike stories, IGTV stays remains on your channel for an infinite time.

Final word

These simple 2 minutes hacks are the crux of gaining Instagram followers that can be very helpful in growing your online business in months rather than years. The more your content is entertaining and caters to the viewer’s needs, the more engagement your business account gets.

Instagram is a true blessing for Entrepreneurs today, all you need to do is use these growth hacks smartly and utilize your time wisely to get the most out of it!

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